Pusa Basmati Creamy Sella Rice


Average Grain Length
Natural Admixture
12% Max.
Broken Grain
0.5% Max.
Damage/Discolour Grain
0.5% Max.
Immature Grain
Foreign Matter
Packaging Type
Jute bag, PP bag, Non-Woven bag or as per buyer’s choice.
Supply Ability
2000 tons Per Week
Main Export Market(S)
Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Europe, USA, Australia, Kuwait, Egypt, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Israel, Vietnam, Indonesia
Delivery Time
15 Days



Since inception of our business, our company has been engaged in offering the best quality Pusa creamy sella Basmati rice to our clients. We are prominent manufacturer, processor and exporter of this particular variety and specially serving this variety to our clients in Europe and Middle East.

Processing of Pusa Basmati Creamy Sella Rice

Pusa Sella Rice is one of the processed forms of Pusa Basmati rice and this is the hybrid variety of Traditional Basmati rice that possess 100% purity, long grain, aromatic fragrance and non sticky after cooking. The distinctive taste and enticing aroma have made long grain Pusa Basmati rice highly acclaimed in the national as well as international market. This variety has high content of Vitamins and declared as a variety of Basmati rice under the Seeds Act, 1966. Madhya Pradesh, the heart of incredible India is favorite and most authentic place for Pusa Basmati Sella Rice. Most of American, European, Canadian and Australian Basmati Rice Brands procure Pusa variety of Basmati rice from surrounding areas of Bhopal city in Madhya Pradesh. In Pusa Basmati parboiling, Paddy is soaked in the water for a certain period of time and then dried afterwards. Hence, starch inside the paddy gets generalised and after husking of the paddy or after removal of the outer cover of the paddy, the rice grain appeared yellow in color. CLICK HERE FOR ANY QUERY Basmati Rice 1121 Basmati Rice 1121 Basmati Creamy Seela 1121 Basmati Golden Sella 1121 Steam Basmati 1509 Basmati Rice 1509 Basmati Creamy Seela 1509 Basmati Golden Sella 1509 Steam Basmati Pusa Basmati Rice Pusa Basmati Creamy Seela Pusa Basmati Golden Sella Pusa Steamed Basmati 1401 Basmati Rice 1401 Basmati Creamy Seela 1401 Basmati Golden Sella 1401 Steamed Basmati Sugandha Basmati Rice Sugandha Basmati Creamy Seela Sugandha Basmati Golden Sella Sugandha Steamed Basmati Sharbati Basmati Rice Sharbati Basmati Creamy Seela Sharbati Basmati Golden Sella Sharbati Steamed Basmati Non Basmati Rice PR 11/14 Rice IR-64 Parboiled Rice Sona Masoori Rice J
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