1401 Basmati Rice

1401 Basmati Rice variety is an improved version of aromatic hybrid Basmati Rice. It is the first early maturing Basmati rice variety & has high yield. Experience the fine taste and mouth watering aroma of the 1401 Basmati rice.
Basmati 1401 Rice is another variety of Indian Basmati Rice. It has long and slender grains and also possesses a conventionally redolent yet unique flavor.
Pusa Basmati 1401 is a Basmati rice variety developed by the Division of Genetics, Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi, and was released for commercial cultivation in the year 2008. Since releasing the farmers, and rice traders, have augmented Indian rice exports for good, fundamentally due to its genetically superior quality and equally premier cooking properties.
Pusa Basmati 1401 Rice also has an average length of 7.70 MM, which is sufficiently longer and fluffier than most of the hybrid versions of Indian Basmati rice.
Pusa Basmati 1401 Rice is the queen of premium aromatic rice varieties, exclusively cultivable in the uttermost fertile regions of India, Pakistan, and a lesser-known landscape i.e. Nepal. In India, this is widely grown in the region of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Western Uttar Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, and Uttarakhand. Export data shows that India shoulders around 90% of the world’s Basmati and Non-Basmati Rice demands, followed by Pakistan and other South East Asian countries. Therefore, India undoubtedly enjoys the status of the supreme leader, who provides a such rarest variety of nutritionally enriched, aromatic, extra-long slender grain rice.
Basmati and many other premium Aromatic Rice are being cultivated in the Indian subcontinent for millenniums. Owing to such an honorary reign, PUSA Basmati 1401 Rice is the variety that has been serving the world cuisines, ancient, modern, or contemporary, with the expressive texture, beautiful taste, aristocratic appeal, and appetizing fragrance.
We procure grains directly from the hallowed fields of India. To procure premium quality PUSA BASMATI 1401 Rice in the form of RAW/WHITE, STEAM, PARBOILED/SELLA, and GOLDEN SELLA, you just need to press the button to reach us. We assure you of the best procurement process to save you a ton of expenses and precious time. Our every grain of rice meets your desired quality that’s too at incredibly low prices. Truly “Karnal Basmati Rice Corporation” delivers your expectations 100% from the First time till every time.
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